The eco celebs who’ve bought electric cars – from George Clooney to Gok Wan

Celebrities have long led the electric car charge with Hollywood stars and British TV presenters all taking the plunge – mainly because they can afford the pricey motors

ELECTRIC car sales are soaring – and celebs are leading the charge.

While most everyday drivers struggle to splash the cash on a new plug-in car, famous faces are going green like never before.

Hollywood stars have used their vast salaries to get behind the wheel of these pollution-busting models.

And some started the trend around ten years ago with George Clooney being one of the first to get his hands on a rare model.

It’s not just foreign shores, though, with British TV presenters also plugging in to help save the planet.

Gok Wan and Lorraine Kelly both have electric cars while Carol Vorderman has clearly done the sums on savings with her choice of motor.

It’s not always been plain sailing for celebs, though.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Terminator and governor of California, owned an original Tesla Roadster.

But he tried to hand it back as his hulking bodybuilder frame didn’t really suit the tiny two-seater sports car based on a Lotus.

Other drivers who’ve gone green include Sir Alex Ferguson with a Chevrolet Bolt during his time at Manchester United.

While Will.I.Am, DJ deadmau5 and Cameron Diaz all reportedly own Tesla Model S cars.

Tom Hanks famously put 50,000 miles on one of the original Toyota RAV4 EVs back in the 2009.

Meanwhile, Mr Bean – or more accurately Rowan Atkinson – shelved his McLaren F1 supercar for a more sensible BMW i3.

Chris Plumb, black book editor at Cap Hpi – which compiled this list, said: “Lots of celebrities seem to like the benefits that EVs provide particularly the stars who are active environmental campaigners.

“It’s good to see them putting their money where their mouths are and leading by example.

“Consumer interest in electric vehicles continues to soar now could be a good time to consider switching to a used EV although for higher end models the price rage is going to be out of reach for the majority of ordinary motorists.”