Fiat introducing production version of e-Ducato electric van

Fiat e-Ducato electric van

A year has passed since the presentation of the prototype E-Ducato, the full electric BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) developed by Fiat Professional. The production version of the van is now ready for launch onto the market in pilot projects with selected clients.

The E-Ducato is the result of an extended series of measurements and tests, taking into account all the variables of usage by different types of clients, as well as dynamic, load and environmental aspects. The new electric vehicle will soon join the methane-driven Ducato Natural Power in the offering of alternative propulsion systems.

The development of the E-Ducato included over one year of on-road measurements to analyze more than 28,000 connected vehicles. The measurements from a client’s perspective were taken by a dedicated team of professionals on vehicles with combustion engines running more than 50 million kilometers, to take into account all the variables of client usage, dynamics, load, and environmental aspects.

The analyses were focused on mileage, model variability for any kind of mission, fuel expenditure, vehicle usage, and temperature. By adopting this approach, Fiat Professional aims to offer comprehensive electric mobility solutions.

In addition to a full line-up of versions, the E-Ducato also offers modular options for battery size, with ranges in a typical urban real delivery cycle from 200 (three modules with 47 kWh) to more than 330 km (five modules with 79kWh) (124 to 25 miles) at standard environment conditions, depending on battery pack, and a variety of charging configurations.

Speed is limited to 100 km/h, with maximum output of 90 kW and maximum torque of 280 N·m. The new electric powertrain does not penalize the Ducato’s strengths: best-in-class load volume from 10 to 17 m3, with a similarly best-in-class payload of up to 1,950 kg.